RTP in slots

RTP in slots.

Last updated on December 22nd, 2021 at 03:01 pm

What is online casino payout (RTP)?

Online slots payout, or RTP of a slot machine, is one of the main parameters of all licensed casino games. Knowing this figure demonstrates the slot’s generosity and helps to choose the best betting strategy for players. We tell more below whether you can beat the casino and why you should pay attention to the number of special characters, the range of bets, and the RTP size.

What is RTP?

RTP defines the percentage of payouts to the player set by the provider in a particular slot machine. The abbreviation is formed from the phrase Return to Player. RTP indicator clearly shows the proportion which means the percentage ratio between the player’s victory and the online casino revenue. Moreover, if RTP equals 95%, that’s how much the gamer gets from the total bet. The best and top casinos, in turn, take the remaining 5%.

You should also remember that this doesn’t mean that you’ll get 95 cents out of $1. You could win the jackpot after two spins of the reel or you could wait a long time for the promised winnings by betting. The winnings of a slot machine are affected by the variance, a characteristic of the random number generator. The RTP value takes the variance into account and continues to work over a long period. Players need to perform thousands of spins to confirm the specified percentages. It is also possible to use casino free spins.

How is RTP determined for a slot machine?

Indicator RTP is laid in slot machines land-based and online casinos. For stationary machines, special chips with programs that set the random number generator algorithm and RTP parameters. The embedded circuit board is programmed once and then tested. If the test is successful, the chip is mounted in the device and sealed. Besides, the payout percentage is also considered part of the providers’ software code. Once the development is completed, the RTP is tested by an independent laboratory. Then, based on a successful test issued, a license and online slot goes to the gambling market and then installed in one of the casinos connected to the slot machine manufacturer: Aristocrat, Microgaming, Play’n Go.

RTP in Play'nGo slot machines.

What does the RTP rate depend on?

The payout percentage of a casino slot machine depends on the terms of the regulator of a certain state and the mathematical model used by the developer company. Look out for casinos in the US or Australia. All online slot action – bonus levels, jackpots work according to a scenario based on the RTP.

The regulator will not issue a slot machine licence if it has an undervalued payout percentage that does not meet the minimum standards. Since the costs of maintaining land-based casinos are higher, their RTP is between 80-95% depending on the country. In Australia, for example, it is at least 85%. If you consider games in the USA, these characteristics differ from state to state and are work according to the gambling laws.

The payout of online slot machines is about 90-98%, but recently there has been a tendency to increase the RTP. Big providers such as Quickspin or Big Time Gaming rarely release slot machines with less than 95% RTP. And this strategy is explained by the fact that gamblers are becoming more loyal to online casinos, as they are confident that most of their money will be returned.

Corporations that specialise in making casino games have certain rules. Some vendors produce slot machines with the same RTP, while others calculate every payout percentage for a particular device. For example, the best casino games and gaming products from Endorphina or Amatic Industries almost always have 96%, while NetEnt or Betsoft offers a range of 91-97% and higher.

How do I calculate the RTP?

In case you’re wondering, you can find out the probability of winning a prize by calculating a simple calculation formula. You need to divide the amount of prize money by the number of bets multiplied by 100%. Once you determine the RTP, you can calculate the percentage of casino advantage. For example, if a slot machine has an RTP of 95%, the casino will receive 5% of all player bets in the long run.

Can casinos change or adjust the RTP on online slots?

It is impossible to change the figures, as the RTP is laid down in the software code by the software manufacturers.

All the players don’t play on the casino’s website but at the developer’s website. Therefore, no gambling portal can influence the rate of return. RTP parameters for slot machines can only change after software updates and changes made by the developers themselves.

Interesting. Licensed online casinos cannot adjust slot machine RTP, but this rule does not apply to unlicensed sites. Scammers have plenty of ways to change machine settings, so it’s important to be sure to check for a license to guarantee fair play.

The connections between winning, frequency and RTP

RTP doesn’t always indicate the frequency of prize payouts. Virtual slot machines with the same RTP can give out winning combinations with different frequencies. But there is some connection between the RTP, the frequency and payouts.

  • Slot machines with low RTP payout more often, but smaller amounts and games with high RTP pay large sums, but less frequently.
  • Slot machines with a high RTP usually have a higher variance, and those with a low variance have a lower variance.

Thus, experienced gamers who prefer to play one slot machine for a long time pay attention to devices with high returns. Therefore, novice gamblers or those who don’t want to take risks prefer machines with low RTP. Knowing the percentage of return helps determine the game’s timing, the number and the size of bets.

Slot machines with low variance appeal to a high payout frequency and create a sense of luck. And with high variance are suitable for those wishing to win the jackpot. Low variance slot machines are observed to be more common in casinos, as they allow the gamer to stay in the game longer, but in the end, the casino has the upper hand.

Slots with high RTP

For players, knowing the RTP of a slot machine is a priority, as it helps to determine what percentage will be returned to the player after a spin over a long time. Below we list the slot machines with the highest RTP returns (98% and higher).

Slot machineProviderRTP
Goblin’s CavePlaytech99,3%
Ocean PrincessPlaytech99,1%
Ugga BuggaPlaytech 99,07%
Mega JokerNetEnt99%
Ooh Aah DraculaBarcrest99%
Nemo’s VoyagePlaytech99%
Jackpot 6000NetEnt98,86%
1429 Uncharted SeasThunderkick98,6%
The CatfatherPragmatic Play98,1%
Blood SuckersNetEnt98%
Rainbow Riches Pick N MixBarcrest98%
Highest RTP slots.