Biggest casinos in Australia

Harold Anderson
Biggest Australian casinos.

To enjoy the luxuries of a casino in Australia, you need to be of legal age. If you are of the legal gambling age in Australia, you can play at any land-based casino in Australia without any issue. Read on if you are looking for the most prominent land-based casinos in Australia for an enthralling and luxurious gaming experience!

Here’s the overview to help you choose the best and newest Australian online casinos. In general, the term “Big Casino” means a casino with an extensive games library and suggests the impressiveness of a massive, sparkling casino complex. There is no greater combo to give you the best casino gambling experience than the two. Let’s dive into some of the biggest land-based casinos in Australia, a land where people love to revel in casino games.

Crown Casino, Melbourne

Crown casino.

Located in Melbourne, this towering casino is impressive and is the absolute winner on our list. It’s a must-see three-tower building that turns heads; thus, you certainly won’t be disappointed. The Crown is a massive, impressive visual spectacle, not just because of the three immense towers. At the tower base, besides the water, the Crown stretches even further to feature a vast space loaded with all the popular casino games, restaurants, live performance venues, bars, nightclubs, hotels, event halls, and ballrooms. It’s a giant casino resort that takes up an entire city block on the bank of the Yarra River.

The resort operates all round the clock, and you can be sure to find more than 3500 free pokies inside the building. In addition to that, you can also opt for traditional games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Caribbean Stud, Big Wheel, Mississippi Stud, poker, craps, and more. Of course, if your age for casino matches.

Crown Casino, Perth

Crown casino perth.

There is not only one big casino by the name of the crown in Australia. Given the Crown’s massive success and surging popularity in Melbourne, there was a need to establish another sister site in Perth. It was opened in 1985 and consists of a casino, hotels, theatre, bars, restaurants, ballrooms, and convention rooms.

You can see the full majesty of the casino by yourself. There are more than 2000 slot games that you can revel in. Besides, there are over 240 tables where players can choose from an exciting variety of games, including Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Mississippi Stud, Pai Gow, and others. The resort is operational 24/7, and thus you can gamble at the convenience of your time.

The Star, Sydney

Star casino.

Located in Sydney, The Star Casino is probably the third-largest casino in Australia. Both visitors and players at the Darling Harbour in Sydney get a premium gaming experience and breathtaking views.

The Star is an impressively large complex owned by Star Entertainment Group. It gives its players an enthralling casino gaming experience by featuring cozy sections such as several restaurants, an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, hotel rooms, bars, a nightclub, a fitness centre, a theatre, and luxury retailers (e.g., Versace and Rolex).

Jupiter’s Hotel and Casino, Queensland

Jupiter casino.

It is located in Queensland and grabs a lot of advantages from its location. It provides visitors and players with the most incredible waterside elegance a gambler could ever wish. Jupiter Hotel and Casino stretches out over the water with the highest rooms providing incredible landscape views.

Alongside these luxuries are res gardens where you can sit back and breathe the fresh air while enjoying bets on games the wonders of nature have to offer. Crown and Crown Perth have an even less gaming selection but trumps where scenic beauty is concerned. When night falls and the water reflects the Star and moonlight, you’ll be amazed at the beauty of this resort.

Adelaide Casino, South Australia

Adelaide casino.

It is a sole land-based casino in Southern Australia owned by the SkyCity Entertainment Group. The casino has a set legal gaming age of 18. As such, if you are at least 18, you can enter this casino and revel in a world of luxury gaming entertainment to keep you amused, for instance, table games, video gaming machines, and lots of poker games. Notably, there are daily poker tournaments, and the casino hosts special card sharks.

The magnificence of this casino resort includes a fine selection of restaurants and bars to suit the taste of any type of gambler. There is also a rewards program for regular players and a detailed calendar of events to be aware of. All that said, it is no doubt that famous musical artists visit regularly, and you may be lucky enough to enjoy a rocking concert before heading into the casino for some thrilling gambling action. Here is a statistic about gambling in Australia.

Casino Niagara

Niagara casino.

Casino Niagara is located on the shores of Niagara Falls, and for over 20 years, this casino has been welcoming guests from all over the world. The two floors span a wide 95,000 square feet, and you might get lost trying to check out what this casino has to offer.

Amazingly, this casino offers its players over 1200 slots, a poker room, thirst gaming tables, and live entertainment. Сhoose the right slot machine to play. If you are a sports lover, you won’t miss your favourite; you can even place bets. Additionally, you’ll double your gaming fun by popping into at least one of the four restaurants or laugh your face off by going to an in-house comedy club.


Which is the Biggest Casino in Australia?

The Crown in Melbourne is the biggest land-based casino in Australia and across the southern hemisphere. It covers a complex space of 510,000 square meters and has more than 400 table games and 3500 poker machines.

What kind of games can I play at Australian land-based casinos?

You can expect to find the most popular casino favourites at these casinos, including slots, poker, keno machines, bingo, craps, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and other table games.

How do I know if a casino is safe?

A safe casino must have an operating gaming license from some of the most reputable casino regulators. On top of that, high-security measures and customer data encryption are indications of a safe casino.


There you have it; this is a detailed list of Australia’s most prominent land-based casinos. Ultimately, all the casinos mentioned in this article are good choices if you want to play casino games in the country. Whether you love indulging in table games or gaming machines, you will undoubtedly have a great and seamless gameplay gambling at these facilities.

Author Harold Anderson