Bingo games.
Blog 03-12-2021

Bingo games that win real money

Types of Bingo Game The classic version uses 75 balls. The number of balls in the game is important because it affects your chances of winning online. I’m sure you understand that the fewer balls in the game, you are more likely to win. Different bingo games use different numbers of balls. In addition, there […]

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Gambling in Greece.
Blog 30-11-2021

Gambling in Greece

Contents: Country monopoly | Gambling regulation | Casinos | Popularity | FAQ In 2002, Greece completely banned online gambling. By 2011, the authorities still decided to change their decision and began issuing temporary licenses for casinos. The Gambling Commission monitored the market, which was fully regulated by the country, and only recently, the country decided […]

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Casino technology.
Blog 29-11-2021

Classification of technology in gambling

Thirty years ago, the monopoly of land-based casinos seemed unshakable. However, in the 90s, online casinos first emerged. Another 10 years later, there was a breakthrough in mobile gambling. Below we will tell you what kinds of innovative technologies have changed the entire gambling industry and what types of gambling innovations casinos are already using […]

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RTP in slots.
Blog 26-11-2021

RTP in slots

What is online casino payout (RTP)? Online slots payout, or RTP of a slot machine, is one of the main parameters of all licensed casino games. Knowing this figure demonstrates the slot’s generosity and helps to choose the best betting strategy for players. We tell more below whether you can beat the casino and why […]

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Slots machines strategies.
Blog 24-11-2021

An advanced strategy for playing slot machines

Last updated on November 26th, 2021 at 06:04 pm Contents: Number of spins | One-Game | Simple | Step-by-step | 3-Star | FAQ Not all players need an advanced slot machine strategy, but it’s still a good idea to learn it so that everyone can learn more about how a slot machine works. Knowing how […]

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