An advanced strategy for playing slot machines

Slots machines strategies.

Last updated on April 30th, 2022 at 09:03 pm

Not all players need an advanced slot machine strategy, but it’s still a good idea to learn it so that everyone can learn more about how a slot machine works. Knowing how slot machine works can lead you to create your strategies for playing and winning at casino slot machines. Let’s go further and try to find out which slot machine will be best for you.

The standard number of spins strategy

Slots strategy number 1.

The strategy uses complex mathematical equations to determine the best odds of winning spins. Although many Lucky Hippo Casino players use it with the help of complex mathematical formulas, the basic calculations can be carried out in mind, which would be good practice for and better show how this strategy works.

  1. Find a slot machine that has proportional payouts. The term ‘proportional payout’ means that you win money relative to your bet amount. For example, if you win 10 coins with a bet of one coin, a slot machine with an “equal payout” will give you 40 coins with a bet of 4 coins. Here are, for example, Playn’N Go or Betsoft slot machines
  2. Find the average number of spins between wins. This point will take some time to complete, and we recommend playing the slot machine with the lowest stakes to reduce your potential losses at this stage. At we test slot machines according to this principle.
  3. Remember the average after 10 spins. When you have the number of spins between ten wins, you will to determine the average between each spin. Suppose this number will be roughly between eight and fourteen spins. In that case, the average number of spins between wins is eleven. When you apply this theory to a slot machine with a payout percentage higher than 95 and raise your stakes to match the average number of spins, you’ll notice that your chances of winning have increased. Learn more about slot machine RTP.

One-Game Strategy

Slots strategy number 2.

A single-player strategy can be easier and more effective than the average number of spins strategy. The essence of the one game strategy is to make the maximum bet. If your bet wins, continue playing that slot machine. If not, choose another game. Choose which of the slot machines you will start playing online. As in the standard number of spins, always choose a slot with proportional payouts.

High stakes win much more often, about every two or three times. Make only one more bet on the same online slot if you win. If you win four times in a row or more, play that machine only three more times.

Some players don’t trust this strategy and prefer to play the same slot machine for hours. While this may help them have fun, it won’t help them win. The best option is to try the strategy yourself and see the results.

A simple strategy

Slots strategy number 3.

A simple slot machine strategy is designed for players with small bankrolls who want to play on a curve with a high return risk. The player starts with a two-coin bet. The next bet must be increased by 1 coin if the player wins, regardless of the current bet. If the player loses, he reduces the number of coins by one. In this strategy, players often reach the Maxbet and win the whole amount back, often increasing the money on their balance.

Step-by-step strategy

Slots strategy number 4.

The incremental strategy is conservative and helps to preserve the bankroll during setbacks. This strategy increases the bet by one coin if the player wins and decreases by one coin if the player loses. The starting bet consists of two coins. Although the player does not get as many winnings as in the simple strategy, the player does not lose during unsuccessful spins.

3-Star strategy

Slots strategy number 5.

The 3-star strategy is based on believing that winning or losing lines do not end in single wins or losses. Therefore, the 3-Star plans long betting sequences. A sequence of 90 spins will consist of 30spins with bets of three coins, then 30 bets of two coins, and then 30 bets of 1 coin. Under normal circumstances, this sequence does not change. However, 4 consecutive losses require the player to start to bets 30 spins one coin less, and 4 consecutive wins require the player to move 30 spins with one coin more.


What is the best strategy for slot machines?

The best strategy for slot machines that one that helps you win. Our point is that some strategies: about the number of spins and one-game strategy, we described above. At the same time, according to our game experience, the player finds out his view for slots strategies when he has enough practice. For instance, start to play at the slot machines developed by the same provider.

Is there a trick to winning at slot machines?

Some players are saying that there is a lot of tricks. Others say the opposite things. There is one trick, you should enjoy your game. We have to say that we are lucky playing slot machines with more than 25 pay lines.

Is there a way to tell if a slot machine will hit?

No, there is no way, and I don't believe persons saying the opposite. We can predict the win, but we need to do maybe thousands of spins. We observed that the jackpot hit after a player had spent 5-7 thousand dollars in the Divine Fortune slot machine. However, we need to say that no one can confidently tell you when the next win will be.

What slot machines have the best chance of winning?

Slot machines with the best odds are not a simple question because there are at least 2 important characteristics: RTP and volatility. On we collect slot machines with international rewards: Starburst™ XXXtreme, Zulu Gold, Stay Frosty, Snakebite. You can start to play in these slot machines.


We are sure that with time new casino technologies will become more popular among players, and there will be a reason to discover new ways to win. However, according to our gaming experience and different game mechanics, no one can tell which exactly slot machine is the best. You always need to test it by yourself.