Withdraw Money from a Casino

Harold Anderson
How To Withdraw Money from a Casino.

Withdrawing money from online casinos is as important a process as a deposit which must be considered before signing up. Players must research such things as withdrawal terms and payment methods. Below I will give you answers and tips about withdrawing money from your online casino account.

Usually, players are able to use the same methods for withdrawing that they used to deposit. However, it’s more complex than you may think. Besides, I suppose you want to withdraw all money you won fast; in this case, you must check fees and withdrawal time.

Withdrawal Methods

E-Wallet Services

Let’s consider when you use e-wallets to withdraw money from an online casino. It can be Skrill, Netent, or something else, doesn’t matter. E-wallets, with a little difference, provide the fastest way to withdraw money from the casino.

If you don’t have an account, follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose a payment system.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Verify your profile.
  4. Link it to your bank account.

After you finish it, you can withdraw money from online casinos using their “Cash out”, “Cashier” or similar pages, which allow you to choose a payment option for withdrawing.



  • Allows for fast and secure withdrawals since you do not need to share your bank details with the casino.
  • E-wallet withdrawals have the fastest withdrawal processing time.
  • You can also deposit via the same method.


  • To cash out using e-wallets, you must send them to your account first and then to your bank account. It costs fees.

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Credit/Debit Cards (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro)

Let’s consider credit cards as another popular way to cash out. I’d even say that credit cards are the fastest way to withdraw. However, let’s take a deeper look at how it works.

  1. Login into your casino account and open the page with withdrawal methods.
  2. Select the credit card you prefer you use.
  3. Enter the sum you want to withdraw.

I suppose, before those steps, you had already verified your account, and you would have your money instantly or within a few days. Withdrawing time, in this case, depends on banks too.



  • Highly secure.
  • You can also deposit via the same method.
  • Most popular payment methods across the globe.


  • Withdrawals take longer to process than e-wallets.
  • May charge transaction fees.
  • Requires you to share your card details with the casino.


Withdrawing money from an online casino via cryptocurrency is a fast and easy process. Most casinos will offer withdrawals in various currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others. To withdraw your winnings, select the currency in which you wish to receive them and enter your wallet address. The money should arrive in your account within minutes.

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Bank transfer

Bank transfers.

The choice of payment system depends on the preferences of the player, and for someone, bank transfers are one of the most common methods. The whole process of withdrawing your winnings via bank transfer is similar to other payment methods. During the withdrawal process, you must select bank transfers in your casino account and fill form about your banking information. According to the terms, money will arrive in your account within 1-5 business days.


As you know, online casinos offer withdrawals in different currencies: AUD, USD, EUR, GBP, etc. In terms of withdrawing your winnings via money check, you must select the currency you wish to receive and fill out the form with your mailing address. Usually, it takes 1-2 weeks before you receive the money.


Players play in online casinos with PayPal because it allows them to use all popular currencies, including AUD, USD, EUR, GBP, etc. The steps to cash out winnings are usual.

  1. Login into your account.
  2. Enter your PayPal information to get your winnings.
  3. Wait 1-2 1-2 business days to receive the money.

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Withdrawal limits in an online casino

Most online casinos have withdrawal limits to protect their business and players’ accounts. These limits vary from casino to casino but typically range from $500-$5,000 per day, week, or month. To withdraw more than the limit, you may need to contact the support service directly and request a higher limit.


Withdrawing money from an online casino usually comes with a fee. The fee is typically a percentage of the total amount you are withdrawing, ranging from 2-5%. For example, if you withdraw $100 and the fee is 5%, you will be charged $5. The total amount you will receive will be $95.


The timeframe for withdrawing your winnings from an online casino depends on your chosen method. Cryptocurrency withdrawals are typically instant, while bank transfer and check withdrawals can take 1-5 business days and 1-2 weeks, respectively. PayPal withdrawals are usually processed within 1-2 business days.

Reversing a withdrawal from an online casino

Depending on the online casino, you can reverse your withdrawal within a certain timeframe. It is typically 24-48 hours after the withdrawal has been processed. You must contact the support service directly and request a reversal to do this.

Withdrawal Restrictions

Time to talk about restrictions the player may face. Withdrawal restrictions are limitations online casinos provide on the amount of money a player can withdraw. In a sense, all those restrictions are developed to prevent players’ fraudulent activities and ensure the security of the online casino. There is a lot of withdrawal restrictions, and many of them depend on online casino and the jurisdictions where you are playing from. I decided to make a list for you for better understanding.

  • Daily, weekly, or monthly limits: The casino sets limits for a certain period of time.
  • Minimum withdrawal amount: You can’t withdraw, for example, A$/$1; it has to be A$/$20 or more.
  • Wagering requirements: It regards bonus money. I didn’t see the same requirements for withdrawing if you had played for money without bonuses.
  • Bonus restrictions: Different words, but again this is about bonuses. If you took one, you are not allowed to withdraw winnings or take another bonus until you use the first one.
  • Payment method restrictions: Online casinos use different payment options for deposits and withdrawals. It would be best if you were prepared for this.
  • Verification requirements: Verification is one of the most important parts for me. You won’t be able to cash out from online casinos until you verify your identity.
  • Account activity restrictions: It’s a very rare option for regular players. However, if you violate the rules of the casino, your account will be closed.


  • Why might an online casino refuse to process a withdrawal?

    There are a few reasons why an online casino might refuse to process a withdrawal. The most common reason is that the player still needs to finish the wagering requirements for their bonus. Other causes can include suspected fraud or collusion, unpaid balances, or violating the terms of service. If your withdrawal is refused, you must contact the support team to find out why.

  • How long does it take to get money from the casino?

    Neteller: 1-2 business days.
    Skrill: 1-2 business days.
    PayPal: 1-2 business days.
    Credit/Debit Cards: 2-5 business days.
    Bank Transfer: 2-5 business days.
    Cheque: 5-10 business days.

  • Does the withdrawal size make a difference?

    Yes. Online casinos set rules about daily, weekly, or monthly limits. Usually, withdrawal size starts from $1000 up to $5000.

  • Can I change my withdrawal methods?

    You can change payment options, but you must discuss it with the support team first. It must be done because otherwise you won’t be allowed to change it.


As you see, there are many ways to withdraw real money from online casinos. In some payment systems, you may pay fees; for others, wait several days. According to my experience, no matter which country you are in, you will find a way to play for real money and withdraw winnings. Of course, if you do not violate the casino rules and play responsibly.

I also want to give you free advice: read the terms and conditions before registering. It will give you an understanding of fees, processing times, and other requirements. Besides, don’t hesitate to use live chat and support to ask questions. Good luck, player.

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Editor. Of course, I like casino games. However, I also like searching for different online casinos, reviewing their terms with bonuses, and sharing my opinion with others. I hope you find this review helpful.