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Bingo games.

Last updated on December 11th, 2021 at 06:27 pm

Types of Bingo Game

The classic version uses 75 balls. The number of balls in the game is important because it affects your chances of winning online. I’m sure you understand that the fewer balls in the game, you are more likely to win. Different bingo games use different numbers of balls. In addition, there are different rules for using cards with combinations and interactions between players. Only the principle of picking a combination remains constant.

  • Bingo with 75 balls. The game with 75 balls is the most popular version, widespread in the world. Cards with prescribed numbers 5 × 5 (25 cells), the cell in the centre is empty. The columns correspond to the five letters: B I N G O.
  • Bingo with 30 balls. A shortened version with a small 3×3 card for very fast rounds.
  • 90-Ball Bingo. This version of the game uses 3×5 cards. The player’s task is to accumulate a single row to win and a full card – for a so-called full house.
  • Bingo with 80 balls. Players are using 4×4 cards and playing with 80 balls. Each round lasts longer as all line variations are played, plus non-standard combinations: four corners, a square, and several lines.

Non-standard variants of bingo games

There are other types of games with their features. New bingo-like games often offer different principles and rules. New types of Bingo are also popular. Below is a list of the most famous new bingo games:

  • U-Pick-Em. Players choose their numbers and then match the winning numbers, which is most similar to keno.
  • Death Bingo. To win in Bingo, the player must not have matching numbers. In this game, participants must guess the numbers that will not fall out. Players should be ready for long matches.
  • Bonanza. Bonanza bingo looks like a classic with 75 balls. However, Bonanza is a faster game because it starts with 43 numbers at the beginning. In addition, the jackpot increases with each new round. By the way, there is a Bonanza slot machine of the same name, which you can play online.
  • Blackout. In Blackout or Coverall, players need to close all the boxes. If you sit down to play Blackout bingo, prepare that the game will be longer than other types. As in Bonanza, the number of winnings increases with each round.
  • Math Bingo. If you want to strengthen your math knowledge, start playing math bingo. In this bingo game, the host tells the players a formula or encrypted message to extract a number.
  • Facebook Bingo. A new version of the online bingo game is available on Facebook. Players can also get bonuses at the game that increase the chances of getting a winning combination and winning more money.

Fun facts about Bingo

Throughout the existence of the game of Bingo, various funny things have happened to it:

  1. Because Bingo was about winning money, the game became attractive to charities and religious movements. For example, Catholics asked Edwin S. Lowe’s to help organize church games to fill their coffers. By 1934, the number of players who spent their time playing Bingo in the church reached 10,000. The fact is that Bingo is not considered gambling by the government, even if gambling is banned in the country. If Bingo is played under the auspices of a non-profit organization or for non-profit purposes, it does not violate the law. Players under 18 years old can participate in the game, and matches are played without a license. Despite this, Bingo is classified as gambling in the UK. Government regulation includes control of the amount of winnings and bets. In Greece, on the other hand, gambling has become legal.
  2. The German educational system used Bingo as a tool for learning and training memory. Students were interested, so Bingo was added to the curriculum of some schools.
  3. In nursing homes, Bingo helps the elderly socialize and participate in recreational activities.

Top 7 bingo slot machine developers

According to, this is what the list of the top seven providers that offer Bingo for online casinos looks like.

Red Rake Gaming

Redrake bingo.

Red Rake Gaming is a Spanish creator of casino games. 10 years of experience and two licenses issued by UKGC (UK) and MGA (Malta) allow the company to provide casino games for European countries.

There are 95 slot machines on different subjects in the Red Rake portfolio. Games are translated into 16 languages and developed using HTML5 technology. Moreover, Red Rake online slots are easy to play on desktop and smartphone. On average, the company releases 15 new games a year.

The provider is the author of at least six bingo games: Disco Nights, The Gold of Poseidon, World Football, Muertitos, Planet 67 and Extra Money. Each of the games features different bonuses and features that make the players’ experience unique.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution bingo.

Evolution Gaming has been on the market for 15 years and has created slot machines of all different genres. The list of licenses includes Malta, the United States, Belgium, and Canada, with headquarters in Georgia, Latvia, Canada. Evolution Gaming is known for a large number of awards and innovative products. Here is research about gambling in Canada.

Bingo called Mega Ball from Evolution Gaming takes place online with real dealers. Dealers pull balls with numbers. In addition, the game involves 20 regular numbers and additionally a special chip – the 21st number with a random multiplier. The multiplier multiplies the player’s bet and increases the winnings.


Wazdan bingo.

The company has been in the gambling business for 10 years. Wazdan is award-winning and licensed in countries like Malta, the UK, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal.

In addition to online gambling, the company holds tournaments and bonus programs for casinos. Speaking of Bingo, the company presented the game Extra Bingo. Extra Bingo is a minimalistic, classic bingo with an additional feature, Gamble, which doubles the winnings when four numbers match.


Belatra bingo.

Belatra is a Belorussian company that has been creating slot machines for casinos since 1993. In the catalogue of games present and Bingo. All games are multilingual and also support the possibility of deposit and withdrawal using cryptocurrency.

Caleta Gaming

Caleta bingo.

Latin American developers Caleta Gaming is from Brazil and specializes in online slots and Bingo. The company releases 1-2 games each month. Caleta works with features such as free spins, extra balls, and bonus games. Among the 20 games, Catch a Fish, Bingo Betina and Bingo Samba Rio stand out.

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play bingo.

Pragmatic is a software provider of slot machines, live games, virtual sports and Bingo with licenses in the Bahamas, UK and Malta. In 6 years, the company has won several awards for the best slot machines. Pragmatic Play’s bingo assortment consists of nine modern games that combine classics and novelty. Players will love features like cross-selling and growing jackpots.


Skilrock bingo.

Skilrock, in addition to gambling for online casinos and betting, develops lotteries, online slots and Bingo. The company is part of the Sugal & Damani Group with 50 years of experience. In addition to classic slot machines, players can play Bingo online. Each game is translated into several languages and accepts different currencies for deposits.

Bingo is the best choice for integration into online casinos

Every owner dreams of a state-of-the-art casino site. However, according to, it is important not to forget the timeless games and features that show consistent popularity among players. Bingo is one of the games that has won its fans and has now appeared in online casinos. By adding Bingo to the site, the casino owner makes the list of games more diverse. The task of any online casino is to select a slot machine developer and create an environment that attracts players and makes them regular visitors.

History of the creation of Bingo

The game has become a part of gambling and evokes different images. On the one hand, it seems to us that only adults play Bingo. On the other hand, more and more young players are coming to online casinos to play Bingo online.

The beginnings of Bingo

The game had its origins in the 16th century. It was originally invented in Italy in the 30s of the 16th century. Then the game was called Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia. After a while, the game changed its name to Le Lotto and made its way to the French.

Evolution of bingo game

In the early 20th century, Bingo became extremely popular in North America. The USA is also where it got its name, which was given to it by the manufacturer Eudin S. Lowe, who, along with other players, created thousands of new cards. The number of winning combinations was also added, while the chance of finding repeating wins was reduced in the new version. The sale of new cards made the game even more popular.

Today, Bingo is one of the popular types of gambling. Almost all casinos have some Bingo games to play online for free or for money.