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Plinko game online.

Plinko is a casino game of chance in which a ball “plinks” down the vertical board, bristling with offset rows of pegs. The board was represented as a pyramid by BGaming slot providers.

The objective of the Plinko game is to pick one of eight to sixteen rows and hope that the ball falls into one of the selected holes with the best payout. The player simply watches the “bouncing process as it goes through the barriers” from the top of the pyramid down to the board’s bottom.

At the end of this round, the ball lands on one of the bottom pegs, which determines the prize. So welcome to Plinko’s complex mechanism; trust your luck and let the ball drop!

How to play Plinko

Choosing the bet amount is your first step. Buttons such as “-” and “+” may be used. The buttons “+” and “Max” become disabled when the overall quantity is reached. The buttons “-” and “Min” become disabled when the minimum amount is attained.

Plinko game online has 3 levels of risk. That is why your second step is to choose one of those Risk Levels: Low, Normal or High.

Then, you must choose the number of Lines in the game: from 8 to 16. You will see it on the right side of the game field.

According to your preferences, this game allows changing the Bet Mode: Manual or Auto.

To start dropping balls at Plinko casino game, tap the “Play” button after making a deposit. At this time, only the Bet Mode betting buttons are active. You can start another round with the same settings by pressing the “Play” button at the end of each round. The ball reaches its destination after each round. On each pocket payout ratio is displayed before and after each payout.

The number of automatic bets Plinko slot machine is displayed in “Auto Mode”. Before the beginning, you can select the amount of bets. The “Play” button should be pressed to start this round. Besides, the “Play” button changes to “Stop” as the number of remaining bets approaches. If the amount of rounds set is reached, clicking on the Stop button ends the round and saves any wagers that may have been placed after this step. Otherwise, it goes on for additional rounds until all funds are exhausted (or reset).

Plinko online

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Auto Mode

Plinko game auto mode.

The Plinko Auto mode is full of potential auto-bets that fall down like a stream of balls. It’s very different from the regular slot auto mode. It is really funny to watch the many balls falling. Before playing Plinko for real money, we recommend you try demo mode.

There is also another version of the gambling game Plinko. The Spribe version provides the opportunity to pick which coloured balls you desire. You can have one colour or all three colours present. Keep in mind, that it does more than just make it look nicer. Red has the greatest payout but also comes with the potential for higher losses–it’s comparable to choosing a high volatility slot where taking risks is rewarded. If you want Auto mode off, simply press the “Stop Auto Betting” button.

Overall, the auto mode on the BGaming Plinko game, which is available to players from Australia, lets you choose how many bets (or balls) to make, with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 1,000. To stop the game at any time, press the “Stop” button. The same rule for all free online pokies that you will find on our website.

Risk Level in Plinko

Let’s compare risk games between Spribe and BGaming. The Plinko game from BGaming features three Risk Levels: Low, Normal, and High. The higher the risk level, the greater the prize. We’ve already known and understand that. Besides, you can play Plinko game online for free and check it by yourself.

At the same time, there isn’t a risk setting in the Spribe Plinko game, per se. However, since the colours have varying multipliers, they are equivalent to the risk level. Green has the lowest risk; yellow is medium, and red is high-risk.

Plinko Min and Max Bets

Plinko game profits.

With a sweet spot for most gamers of 1.00 and 100.000 coins per drop, Plinko online game has a nice balance between minimum and maximum bets. When playing all 16 lines at high risk, the largest possible win is 1,000x. However, given the completely random nature of the game, these wins are uncommon.

The table to the side of the screen will keep you updated with your profits and losses. In order to access the greatest wins in Plinko online, be sure to play at high risk.

  1. 8 lines = 29x
  2. 9 lines = 43x
  3. 10 lines = 76x
  4. 11 lines = 120x
  5. 12 lines = 170x
  6. 13 lines = 260x
  7. 14 lines = 420x
  8. 15 lines = 620x
  9. 16 lines = 1,000x

Plinko game features

  • Min. Bet: $0.10
  • Max. Bet: $2,500
  • Max. Win: $2,500,000
  • RTP: 99%
  • Free Spins: No
  • Free Play: Yes
  • Volatility: None
  • Game Type: Fast Games

As you see, in Plinko slot, you have the possibility to win an incredible $2,500,000. Of course, as we mentioned, as higher your bets, the more chances to the maximum win you have. Another interesting fact is that Plinko hasn’t volatility, which means you win each spin.


  • How to play Plinko in Australia?

    You can visit website because we have a demo version for free play and make some settings for yourself. When you finish, you push the button and start to play. Moreover, you can play for money, if you want, after registration in an online casino.

  • What is the Plinko gambling game?

    Plinko gambling game it’s a type of fast game where you never lose. It is also has a drop ball that falls to the spot with a multiplier. Players’ winnings depend on their bets and that multiplier.

  • How to play Plinko online?

    All you need to start playing online is to open the page with the game, set risk level, number of lines and bet mode. You can play for fun or for money. If you registered at a crypto casino, you can make a deposit and play by cryptocurrency.

  • Where to play Plinko gambling?

    Plinko gambling is available on We also have written reviews explaining types of bets and risk games. Besides, you will receive a bonus playing in a casino, according to our recommendation.

  • How to win at Plinko?

    Right away, you will not be able to cheat Plinko due to the presence of a control system and counting combinations. It is likely why it is popular among Australian players who like to play fair.

  • How to play Plinko at home?

    If you don’t like to play online, you need to make a table for Plinko by yourself. At the bottom of the place where the ball falls you place a number with multipliers.


According to our experience, this casino game is one of the funniest and most profitable. Besides, as we like to win, Plinko slot machine shows us a great example of how it can happen online. This slot machine has simple rules without many difficult-to-understand features. At the same time, we recommend choosing another game for Aussie players and others who like free spins.

Author Harold Anderson