Slot machines lines

Slot machine lines.

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Most people associate the slot machine with the classic one-armed bandits, in which you have to throw a coin and then lower the lever again and again to win. With the development of slot machines using new technology, the game rules have become more transparent. Besides, new slot machine lines allow players to have a better chance of winning.

How slots work

Traditional slot machines have three reels, one payline, and the centerline, where you have to match symbols in a certain combination to win. These slot machines are still extremely popular in land-based and online casinos in Australia, USA. Moreover, classic games are the simplest in terms of pay lines.

Modern games are based on computer software and can have any number of paylines. If we talk about the number of reels in casino games, there are usually five or seven.

Winning combinations appear with the same symbols, but the lines of slot machines can go through the slot symbols in many ways. Lines in slot machines are horizontal, vertical, diagonal and zigzag.

To understand how a particular slot machine works, you should check the paytable. In the slot machine’s paytable, you will find information about the number of paylines in the slot and how they appear on the reels. But about the winning combinations, players can read in the help section. In addition, players can find information on how much money is accrued for each combination, the number of bonus games and free spins. By the way, you can choose casinos free spins on the site’s main page.

About slot machine lines

About slot machines lines.

There are many games with one line, while the most common number is 3, 5, 9, 15, 20 or 25 lines. In addition, a separate category of slot machines consists of – 243, 1024 and more paylines.

Microgaming was one of the first companies that introduced slot machines with a number of lines, more than 25. Then their example was followed by NetEnt and Playtech, but you can still play Aristocrat pokies at the classic version.

In the new slot machines, developers have abandoned the game lines, and each symbol acts as a scatter. The online slot will pay as long as the same symbols are on adjacent reels, regardless of what part of the drum they fell out.

Some slot machines lines have a fixed number of lines, and you must play on all lines. Despite this, some of the slot machines with the best odds provide the ability to choose the number of paylines and the rate that the player wants to put. The fewer lines on which the game is played, the lower the chances to win, but also the cost per spin will be less.

It is important to know how many paylines the machine has and how many of them the player will use. For example, 1 cent on each of the 25 slot machine’s lines turns into a bet of 25 cents for one spin. If the player increases the bet to $10 per line, the total amount will be $250.

Slot machines without lines

In modern online gambling in Australia, Canada, and other countries, game providers offer other principles of forming combinations. Let’s understand what slot machines without active paylines are.

Multiway Xtra (IGT)

Many slot machines produced by IGT have a feature called Multiway Xtra. Despite their symbols, this feature makes it possible to form combinations in neighbouring reels. That is why there may be available up to 720 or even 1024 ways to create a winning combination.

It is worth noting that many models in this series have an unusual design. For example, there are columns of different heights on the reel screen in Prowling Partner and Day of the Dead slots. Therefore, hexagon-shaped symbols will appear in front of the players.

Allplay feature (Novomatic)

Novomatic company offers to play slots Magic 81 Lines and Hoffmania in which there are no standard active lines. More specifically, in casino games with Allplay, winning combinations are formed from identical images that appear on any reel of the slot machine.

Scatter Pays (Novomatic)

Developers from Novomatic also offer another way to get money for combinations without active lines. This feature is called Scatter Pays and you can see it in the Spinning Fruits slot machine. Players get paid for a minimum of five identical symbols, regardless of their location on the reels.

There are a large number of combinations of falling symbols in the game. Moreover, free spins are activated if a player gets seven symbols or more. The symbols that formed the combination remain in place, but other elements are replaced with new ones. If the player fills the entire screen with symbols of the same kind, he gets one of three progressive jackpots.

Win All Ways (Yggdrasil Gaming)

Monkey King slot machine also has no active lines. Instead, the game offers players the Win All Ways feature. This feature means that any combination of three or more consecutive images located in any part of the reels from left to right or right to left will win.

This online slot has many unique features, several types of wild symbols, various bonus games, free spins and some other interesting options. Choose a game from our list of free online pokies for free play.

Pros and cons of slot machines lines

Slot machines lines pros and cons.

Most games without active lines form many combinations that increase players’ winnings. However, the payouts are rarely large. Thus, the main disadvantage is that they have a low level of dispersion. On the one hand, the risk of losing a large sum is extremely low, even if you do not win anything for a long time. On the other hand, it is pointless to hope that you can hit the jackpot with a single spin.

Thus, most slot machines without active lines offer similar forming systems. Identical images should create a chain in adjacent columns, starting from the first. The variety of possible chances to get a payout depends on the number of symbols and their location.


What do lines mean on slot machines?

When the reel is spinning, there are potentially many winning combinations in different paylines. Winnings in each spin are collected and added to the bankroll. If the player manages to collect multiple paylines in one spin, he has a chance for more winnings. However, the more lines slot machines have, the higher the rate for each spin.

How do you play slot machines with 9 lines?

Choosing a slot machine with 9 lines, try to play at the maximum bet, and remember that number of spins matters. In this case, our advice for players is to distribute their bankroll on a minimum of 100 rotations.

How do multiple lines work on slot machines?

There are many slot machines in which, among several combinations, only 1 is selected, the highest-paid. However, players can choose slot machines that add up the winnings on all lines, so it is important to read the reviews.

How to play slot machines with 25 lines?

The principle of the slot machine lines is the same as in the others. On the other hand, players should understand that winnings in 25 lines are less frequent than with 1024 lines.

How do new slot machines pay-lines?

The new slot machines paylines work in the same way as in the old game. Although if you choose Betsoft 3D slot machines, pay lines can differ.

What are lines on slot machines?

Lines on slot machines is a combination of symbols. The better the symbols combination has, the higher your pay will be according to the game rules.

Buffalo slot machines, how many lines?

The new version of the slot machine Buffalo has 1024 lines.

How to play all lines slot machines?

Players can select the number of slot machine lines in the settings. At the same time, don’t forget about the fixed number of lines. In this case, the player always bets on all lines.

How do slot machines decide lines?

Providers of slot machines determine the number of lines at the game stage. Therefore, after the game’s appearance in the casino, it can not be changed.

Why do slot machines allow you to play different lines?

When players choose the number of lines, they regulate the chances of winning. The more lines you choose, the more chances you will win after each spin.