Pick a winning slot machine at a casino

Andrew Freeman
Winning Slot Machine at A Casino.

If you are a slots enthusiast or need to join the hundreds of thousands of players who revel in slot games online, this guide is for you. It’s amusing and exciting playing online, and it gives you adrenaline since you can grab big winnings by trying out your luck in a jackpot. But there is always a but! It can be confusing which game to choose. Therefore, you need to know the tips and tricks to pick a winning slot machine.

The popularity of slot games


Slots have had surging popularity because they offer players great entertainment and big payouts. Years back, slot machines were effortless to play since players didn’t require any skills or strategy. Today, however, Joy casino slots are more advanced to offer hundreds of slots from the best software developers (Betsoft, Aristocrat) and come in handy with realistic sound effects and high-quality graphics. On top of that, the slots also have a random number generator that determines the winning combos. You can observe it in RedStag casino tournaments.

Amazingly, you’ll find almost all possible themes, from cosmic space adventures to Greek mythologies and everything in between. Notably, classic slot machines have the original three vertical columns, while modern video slot machines have five columns and an average of 50 pay lines. The goal is always to get the winning symbol combination on the pay lines when the spin stops.

Winning on slot machines


The many symbols and pay lines ensure that players can land thousands of possible combos and chances of winning. Since all machines use a random number generator, they calculate the gain when the spin stops.

Most video slots also offer players numerous rounds of bonus games, 50 free spins, and other enticing features. You have to get certain combinations of symbols that descend to the columns to trigger these rounds. In addition, all slot machine games in the biggest USA casinos usually feature jackpots, giving players a chance to make big wins. Moreover, there are progressive jackpot games for experienced punters.

Tips on how to pick a winning slot machine at a casino

Luck alone is not enough when playing these semi-intelligent machines, and as such, you need some slot strategy on choosing a winning slot machine. Below are tips on how to select a winning slot machine.

Return To Player (RTP)


Percentages of the Games are Imperative. This is the perceived return of a percentage to a player, which the slot machine pays out over some time. The RTP in slots is important since it gives you an idea of what to expect regarding a payout from a particular slot machine.

The remaining part of the coin is the remaining percentage known as the house edge and is the percentage you are likely to lose to the casino. When playing, upon pressing the spin button, RNG will display the last set of numbers that are generated. However, some symbols are generated to appear more often than others. One popular tip for online slot machines is to play slot machines when they are on a hot streak of winning.



Online slot machine games are also known as negative capital games because they have theoretical probabilities already entered into the design and software. As such, there is no strategy that slot lovers can apply and end up winning against the house edge in the long run – well, at least none that is legal.

The winning slot chance is the number of rows and symbols on each column. The number of rows determines the probability of your possible winnings. Therefore, you probably have a greater chance of winning in a 5-row game than a 3-row game since the prior has more winning combinations.

Avoid video slots

Video slots.

Among some of the most fun games featured in most casinos are video slots. These games have quality sound effects coupled with superb graphics. Besides, they have modern and attractive themes – based on movies, music, and some of the world’s renowned celebrities.

Although video slots are appealing to new and existing customers, they are not the best for your bankroll management. Compared to classic slot machines, video slots have a lower profit of about five percent. In fact, to play video slots, you will find that you need a little more money than a player who indulges in classic slot machines.

Play small jackpot games

Jackpot games.

It’s a fact that slot machines are highly unpredictable. For this reason, players need to find practical ways to increase their winning chances when playing. You can use a pro-tip to improve your luck chances by playing games with the smallest jackpots.

Usually, large jackpots attract players from the very first time they enter a casino. The big jackpots require a lot of money to place a bet and stand a chance to win – this leads to players losing a lot if they don’t win. Although the smallest jackpots have pretty low odds and may take a player time to make big payouts, they are one of the best strategies for picking a winning slot machine at a casino.

Game specs are important

Game specs.

You should play a game that has multiple bonus rounds, free spins, and multipliers to offer. With all these perks on offer, you know that it only takes one spin to change your fortunes. You can change your mind and explore how to win at online roulette in a casino.

Choose a slot game with a higher coin denomination

Higher coin.

Slots with a comparatively higher denomination offer higher payback percentages to players. Most of the time, players are attracted to affordable games with low bet amounts, with a low payout percentage compared to dollar slots. Note, however, that although the payout percentage is better on higher-denomination machines, this is just a general rule and might not be true at the casino of your preference.

Generally, the dollar machines might average 95%, while the penny and nickel machines average 91% at your casino. So, playing a slot with a higher coin denomination doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically have a higher payback percentage. Keep in mind that you are still fighting a negative expectation game.


Slot machines are fun, and you can choose winning pokies online at a casino using the above tips. Nevertheless, unlike in the world series of poker, with slot machines, everyone has a 0% probability of accurately predicting which slot machine will be the winning machine. All you need is a few clever tips, luck, and the willingness to lose some money when trying your winning luck.

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