Best slot machines to play at a casino

Slot machines are popular among players because it always brings top-line winnings. That’s why millions of players try to win big every day. Although many gamblers play out of passion, they never lose sight of their primary objective: winning money during the game. The amounts of the winnings can sometimes reach considerable sums.

List of the best slot machines in a casino


Buffalo slot machine.

Buffalo game has 5 reels, 1024 paylines and attracts players with high odds and two special symbols. It is unique because suitable for cash and free play. If you need more experience, we recommend starting with the minimum bet and gradually increasing it. Interesting themes combined with bonus features promise a profitable game.

Cash Truck

Cash Truck slot machine.

In this game, you will move into a post-apocalyptic world where you have to assemble a team of bandits and rob a train that carries valuable resources and gold. With high volatility and an RTP-96%, the slot multiplies your bet up to x25,000 per spin.

Double diamond deluxe

Double Diamond slot machine.

IGT launched Double Diamond in 2005. So, players can play free in demo mode on any mobile device. Double Diamond has 3 reels arranged in 1 row. These classic casino games have features and bonus games, but you can still set up to 50 auto spins. The sound is also like in old games.

Extra Chilli

Extra Chilli slot machine.

Extra Chilli is played in demo mode. However, many prefer real bets because of the free spins with a multiplier increase. In the game about hot peppers, there is also an opportunity to purchase an instant bonus.

Black Gold

Black Gold slot machine.

Black Gold features include 5 reels and 30 lines, and the game’s main characters are Bill and his old horse. In the background, there is an oil derrick, pipes through which oil flows, and barrels. This game has RTP-94.31% with up to $150 bet per line. You can also bet $1 to play these slot machines.

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Best casinos to play slot machines

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Online slots strategy

Some players believe it is necessary to use strategies when playing online slots. On the other hand, not all users believe in schemes or different ways to cheat gambling sites because of random number generators. Anyway, here are some general rules that can help you play at a profit.

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Free online slots tournaments

There are two main formats for online slot tournaments. Scheduled tournaments start at a specified time and have an exact start and finish time. The other type of tournament starts as soon as the required number of players has registered on the website.

Joining any slot tournament is easy. First, register as a player on the casino website. Then go to the games to be played and go to the tournaments. Then scroll through the list of available tournaments, select the one you want to start playing, and click ‘Join’.

The tournament starts with a bet (buy-in), which means you have to pay an entry fee to join and have a chance to win. Some of them are free, so the gambling site substantially pays the buy-in instead of you. But such tournaments are much rarer.

Recently there has been an increase in the number of tournaments run by slot machine providers. On the one hand, this allows the providers to promote their games. On the other hand, players can join such a tournament whenever they want. It is advisable to read the rules because each tournament includes a specific set of slot machines.

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Best types of slot machines to play


These are special slot machines that fall into a separate category. They have 5 reels but are exclusive to Rival. Such games have bonus games that can be launched on the second screen. There are animated pictures, original sounds, and unusual plots. Some of these games are serial, so they are even more interesting to play.

Classic slots

Suppose you’re a conservative player and fancy a good casino with all the rules you know and understand. In that case, you’ll want to try classic slots at virtual casinos. The principle behind this slot game is that you have one line of play, and you get three pictures in a row which, if matched, bring you a win. This version of the slot machine also offers the presence of incentive bonuses and different versions of the graphics, and great sound. The classic style guarantees clear and accessible play without surprises for players.

Bonus feature

There are all kinds of slot machine games. But the most interesting ones are the bonuses, with which you can get high cash prizes. In particular, players are offered additional rounds and free spins. To open the bonus rounds, the player must collect three symbols on reels. Playing these games more exciting and interesting, it is more exciting, as well as great payouts.


These types of slots are pretty common today. They can give players the highest winnings as they play progressive jackpots. Specifically, the slot machine jackpot grows with every player’s bet and can fall out anytime.

Video poker

A special kind of slot machine is video poker. The game differs from online slots in that the player actually influences the outcome of the game. What’s more, video poker slot machines to play are also known for their financial performance. The expectation in some game types reaches positive values, which is astonishing in and of itself.

The essence of video poker is to collect prize combinations. They are usually identical to poker ones: straight, flush, flush royal, and so on. Sometimes their number is limited. In the process, the player is free to change a few (or all) cards. And this is where one has to be very careful. The decision depends on the profit of the player.

Fruit slot machines

Online fruit slots are one of the most common and popular types of slot machines. In other words, these are slot machines with multiple paylines, during which the player gets a chance to win if the row of pictures falls with the fruit on which the player bets.

There are several game options, i.e., the player can choose free slots where three pictures fall in a row and 4 or 5. It all depends on the preference of each individual player. Such fruit slots have a lot of advantages, as they feature colorful graphics, great sound, and special effects. Besides, you can use many unusual strategies that work and deliver real entertainment to the players.

3D slots

Some players can say that the best type of slot machine to play is 3D. The types of slot machines that use 3D technology are gaining popularity at online casinos. Players often play on mobile devices that can already play these games without problems. Additionally, 3D games are more appealing due to their graphics and greater player involvement. Meanwhile, game features such as multipliers, RTP, and volatility also work.

Slots bonus games

Identifying the slot machines “you’ve to rely on” is easy. Invest your money and receive the best bonus! The general rule of slots is to show an alignment of particular symbols on a pay line to get a payout. In short, follow the most important rule since every game has many combinations. It is more interesting that bonus spins fall more often because there is a coefficient called “RTP” (return to player) and volatility. Casino slot machines with free spins: start working when you’ve been able to line up several mandatory symbols referring to scatters or simply free spin icons on the reels. Sometimes it’s possible to take advantage of a series of free spins as a bonus prize after a mini-game or after a feature that allows you to win more!


Scatters are special symbols in video slots that launch a bonus game or give gamblers extra ways to win. Players like scatter symbols because it’s always remunerating their bets and gets free spins or exciting slot features. Even if it drops out 2 scatters, it will be paid. Usually, scatters appear on 1, 3, or 5 lines, but not necessarily. However, players should check slot machine rules before they start. Best slot machine reviews include complete information about each symbol, its meaning, and how much it is being paid. Although we expect to see these icons in each online slot, we won’t see them in the 3 reel slots.


We must mention some slot machine features in our review.

  1. First, players will distinguish games by theme; however, the important features are lines. As more lines, as more chances the player has for a win. The minimum lines are 1, and the maximum could be counting thousands.
  2. Secondly, bettors should pay attention to the value of bets, especially when playing real money slots. If you prefer to sit and watch, note that online slots have autoplay mode.
  3. Last but not least, it’s a jackpot. Players can choose a game with 1, 3, or 4 jackpots.

Slot machines for real money

For casino players, online slots for real money means they need to sign-up, make a deposit, and have a chance to win. According to our experience, spins for money have more fun and adrenalin because you always want to win. Players can use a browser or application for games, both of which have pros and cons.

Gambling games in the app are the same as in an online casino. All mechanics of the slot machines, like bonuses and free spins, work too. Players choose the app because it’s easier to use during their ride home or elsewhere. For registration, you need to use your login and password, which will take 1 minute. However, you must download the casino app first, distinguishing between the PC and the slots on the phone.

Note that even the best slot machines in a casino for you may need an application. We advise that players use the only official app from the casino. You will find the same Cyberslot, Bonanza, Valkyrie, or other slot machines only in the casinos’ app.

Free VS for real money

Here are two ways to play online slots: gratis or for real money. Our slots reviews include both of them, and it depends on gamblers’ choice of which one will be best for them. You can’t win money playing free; it will be a demo game. Simultaneously, if a player wants to win money, he has to sign-up and choose to play for real money.


Payment methods are one of the reasons why players prefer one online casino to another and, with it, the best ways to play slot machines successfully. You need to make deposits via credit cards, bitcoin, or another e-wallet payment solution before you start to play for real money.

For the USA casinos, players mostly use MasterCard or Paysafe Card. On the other side, casinos in Australia more often use Neosurf. If you want to use PayPal, search before finding online casino slots for real money. However, more popular payment solutions for gambling are Skrill, Neteller, and Bitcoin.

We must mention some online casinos with a free sign bonus for games. It’s hard to find an online casino that gives you real money before signing up, and the biggest bonus includes $10. Players need to read the conditions before using these free bonuses because the wager can be higher than the average. The average wager equals x25 or x30. For free money, it can be x40 or x50, meaning you need to make stakes for at least $500 before you get a $10 withdrawal.

Free kind of slot machines to play

It’s possible to play free slot games without a deposit and registration using a demo mode. At the same time, playing slot machines for free is not the best call to play to win money.

No download: Some casino players prefer to play online without downloading an application with slot machines or a casino. It would be best to have a modern browser like Google Chrome or Firefox and a fast internet connection. Bettors should consider these online slots clause to enjoy spins without errors.

No deposit: Players who want to start playing free can do it without making a deposit. They will be available to play in the demo mode at the casino. You also need to know that you can’t be able to withdraw real money. Money that will be used for free games it’s not real.

Demo slot machines: You can find demo mode in online casinos like JoyCasino or RedStag. All features, such as free spins, bonuses, wilds, and scatters, will be able for players. Note that in some casinos, you need to sign up to see free games.

With bonus: If you are a beginner and don’t have an account at the casino, you can create it and get 100% up to $300 according to your deposit. For example, FairGo casino gives free spins, which players can use in a specific slot machine. You should always check your account if you have already sign-up because casinos regularly offer cash bonuses or free spins.


  • When is the best time to play slot machines?

    A nice time to play online slot machines it’s when you want it. It doesn’t matter when you start because games work day and night with support.

  • What are the best slot machines to play?

    The goal of finding the best online slots depends on your wishes. Players can choose online slots using RTP, availability in the country, or slot machine features like pay lines or amount of stakes. Our advice is to try it in the demo mode first.

  • What is the best online casino to play slot machines?

    The right online casino for slots includes much more games than others. The second tip is it has to be in demo mode. Also, players should find tournaments if the online casino has them and sign-up. In this case, you can win twice.

  • What is the best way to play slot machines to win?

    You need to realize that each slot machine has its own characteristics, which describe it in a way how to win. We believe you shouldn’t change your bet per spin until you win a bonus round or big win.

  • What is the best day to play slot machines?

    Every day is the great when you are in a good mood. Playing with bad thoughts can bring you failure and vice versa.

  • Is the end of the year the best time to play slot machines?

    Yes. It happens because of different Christmas offers. These offers can include free spins from online casinos and tournaments from game providers. In the end, all those things also allow winning extra money. Besides, you can play and get points by participating in the casino promotion.


As you see, I’ve described the best online slots for desktops that payout. I paid particular attention to strategies and tournaments that will be helpful. All these game reviews and additional information must show you the variety of gambling games. After all, each software provider tries to stand out, thereby introducing other features which make casino games even more exciting and profitable.